Match My Project

Corporate Procurement Services at Birmingham City Council has launched a ‘Match my Project’ - An online portal where businesses can find and support Birmingham-based community projects.

This is FREE-to-use portal and costs are covered by the council.

Match My Project provides a platform for businesses and the community to come together and improve their local area. It matches the resources of business with the local know-how of community organisations to get things done.

Community Organisations

As a community organisation, you can use the site to upload your projects and accept help from businesses offering to support you.

Community organisations can post projects they need support with and businesses can browse through the projects, selecting those they’d like to support.

Many of the community projects that receive help from businesses are supporting Birmingham City Council’s strategic objectives and vulnerable groups, currently including: jobs & skills, children, health, housing & homelessness and climate change.


As a business, you can use the site to find community projects that need the kind of resources you can provide, and offer to support them. If you are a supplier to Birmingham City Council, the projects you deliver via Match My Project will help demonstrate how you have delivered Social Value in the local area.

Birmingham City Council approves the registration of the businesses and community organisations as well as the projects and the Procurement team modify tendering documents to signpost bidders to this portal. 

Only Birmingham-based community organisations (or those serving Birmingham citizens) can register, however, any business can register and deliver support.

To sign up and read more about Match My Project click below.