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P0439_2024 - Framework Agreement for the Provision of Enforcement Agency Services for Unauthorised Encampments

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P0439_2024 - Framework Agreement for the Provision of Enforcement Agency Services for Unauthorised Encampments

The Council wishes to establish a Framework Agreement for the provision of Enforcement Agency Services for Unauthorised Encampments.

There is a requirement to:

  • Conduct the initial site visit to the unauthorised encampment (UE) with the intention of determining the number of occupiers, who they are (family names) and any other relevant details, conducting a Welfare Needs Assessment
    on the occupiers (with regards to medical and schooling needs), reporting back to the Council and completing relevant paperwork.
  • Serving of relevant documents / legal papers on the members of the UE to direct their departure from the land – this may be common law notices or notices under statute, or Court orders. This will normally take place on the same day as the initial site visit.
  • Undertaking a contact visit to the UE occupiers as required by the Council.
  • Supervise, direct and progress the eviction should a formal eviction be necessary. This is effectively a formal eviction under common law or statute or Court Order and may require vehicle(s) to tow caravans, etc. from the site to a nearby road. All evictions are undertaken with WMP present to ensure there is no breach of the peace.
  • Obtaining relevant information to enable identification of members of the encampment to enable the Council to take further legal action where appropriate. Relevant information may include Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM)
    details, descriptions in witness statements and images from body-worn camera footage.
  • To provide for the removal of unauthorised encampments from Council land in line with the joint protocol between Birmingham City Council and West Midlands Police

The Framework Agreement will be awarded up to 3 supplier(s).

The Framework Agreement will last for 4 years (unless terminated under agreement provisions) commencing 1st September 2024.

The Council will be using its free to use e-tendering system (in-tend) for the administration of this procurement process and potential suppliers must register with the system to be able to express an interest. If you wish to express an interest in this opportunity please click on the following link to access https://in-tendhost.co.uk/birminghamcc/ and submit your details to register. You will then be sent details on how to log on which will enable you to download all relevant Invitation to Tender (ITT) documentation.

If you are unable to register with In-tend or have any questions or problems on how to use this web site please email us at: etendering@birmingham.gov.uk

Your completed tender submission should be returned by Noon on 17th June 2024 via the ‘in-tend’ system https://in-tendhost.co.uk/birminghamcc 

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