The way we trade has changed, so what next?


In Summary

General | 11th January 2021
The Department for International Trade is organising Going for Global Growth 2021 on 26 January 2021

In Detail

Are you wondering how you will trade globally post-transition?

The Export Academy from the Department for International Trade, in collaboration with the West Midlands Growth Hubs, invites you to join this exciting event on export and international trade in 2021!

Now we've passed the 1st January, you might be wondering how the UK will continue to trade with the rest of the world following the deal. If you’re new to exports or if you were thinking of exporting, the new rules might feel very daunting to you. Trading internationally can be a straightforward process and with the right knowledge and support you can still continue to grow your business globally post transition.

To kick off the New Year, DiT will be hosting a webinar to answer all of your transition questions surrounding paperwork, travel and overcoming logistical issues.

The event will start with a round up of the new rules and what this means for your business. You’ll be invited to submit your questions prior to the event, which will put out to a panel of trade experts to help you gain insights on how the new rules may affect your business.

The event will also see a guest speaker to share with you their journey and offer some tips to overcoming barriers and challenges you may face along the way.

To take a look at the agenda and to register, click here >