Planning application submitted for Peddimore Employment Park


In Summary

General | 17th January 2019
A planning application for Peddimore, a major new employment site in Minworth which could create up to 6,500 direct new jobs and attract leading manufacturing and logistics companies, has been submitted to Birmingham City Council.

In Detail

Leading investor in the Midlands, IM Properties (IMP), is seeking permission to deliver 66.5 hectares of employment space and infrastructure that could create a new economic asset for Royal Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham.

The planning application follows extensive pre-application dialogue with officers at Birmingham City Council and a major consultation, which included eight public exhibitions and a comprehensive programme of engagement with elected members, residents, community groups and businesses.

David Smith, planning director at IM Properties said: “We would like to thank local people for providing their valuable feedback at the public exhibitions, which were the largest we have embarked on as a company with an extensive suite of materials and techniques used to engage a broad audience.

“These events and our wider programme of engagement have provided an opportunity to take on board a wide range of people’s views but, equally importantly, to also establish relationships with local communities. While the submission of the application is an important milestone, we are now committed to maintaining ongoing and regular dialogue with local people and community groups.

“Transport was a key theme for many local people during the consultation and we recognise that managing access and highways connectivity for people and goods are vital ingredients for a successful employment park. In addition to shaping a comprehensive sustainable transport strategy which reduces the reliance on the private car, we are also proposing a large-scale highways improvement project to ensure that the local road network can accommodate future traffic flows.”

As well as the construction of significant new infrastructure, including a new grade signal-controlled roundabout on the A38 and a new traffic-free bridge over the A38 to allow pedestrians and cyclists to access the site from the proposed Langley Urban Extension and beyond, IMP is proposing an extensive programme of junction upgrades and highway improvements on the national and local road network.

This will include alterations to signal timings, new signalisation and carriageway widening, all with a view to optimising traffic flows. If approved, Peddimore could create up to 6,500 direct jobs and up to 3,000 supply chain jobs to support the site’s potential occupiers across the manufacturing and logistics sectors. Peddimore will be built to the highest standards of building design and will include substantial and attractive landscaping featuring a circular 4km pedestrian and cycle path around the site.

IMP has also set out a commitment to reducing its environmental impact, including a carbon reduction strategy which integrates smart grid technology, and providing on-site amenities and first-class management throughout construction and operations to deliver growth in a considerate way.

IM Properties is also committed to delivering a major social value programme as part of the proposals. This will provide significant benefits for the local supply chain during construction and a positive long-term legacy for future generations, through working with local training providers and schools and providing access to the wide range of skilled jobs on offer and help for disadvantaged people in finding work.

The planning application is expected to be determined by Birmingham City Council in spring 2019 and, subject to permission being granted, work could begin on site in summer 2019.

IM Properties is looking to engage with local SMEs and social enterprises to work on construction related goods and services. Future tender procurement opportunities will be advertised, as the scheme proceeds, on FinditinBirmingham for which appropriate suppliers will be able to express an interest.

If you would like to be added to its supplier database in the meantime, please send through your company information and details of your proposed goods and/services to:

FinditinBirmingham plans to hold a supplier event in the coming months with IM Properties and its Tier 1 contractors so keep an eye out for the event email shortly.