Equans launches ‘SMARTR’ digital offer in the UK to decarbonise the built environment


In Summary

General | 11th May 2023
Equans, has announced the launch of a new advanced digital platform that will drive efficiencies and help accelerate decarbonisation efforts across the built environment.

In Detail

The SMARTR platform connects and integrates data from across a building or estate to provide a complete overview of a sites performance, allowing for faster and better decision-making.

The platform provides active, meaningful insights through SMARTR Connect - a secure cloud-based remote monitoring solution that optimises and controls a building's energy and carbon performance.

SMARTR gives users the power to control costs with remote management, diagnostics and asset integration, increase productivity with flexible and efficient working practices, and use all-in-one reporting analytics to accurately assess progression towards sustainability goals. The system helps to connect people, places and technology, providing a seamless experience for building users, owners and facilities managers. In addition, the SMARTR platform also provides integration of a wide selection of soft services, such as room booking, visitor management, smart parking, building access and wayfinding.

Energy savings and reduced costs

With un-optimised systems in buildings typically wasting more than 20% of their energy consumption through poor configuration and scheduling that is not in line with operational requirements or environmental conditions, the SMARTR platform can provide significant energy and cost savings.

By using the SMARTR platform, building owners and managers can also look at the bigger picture, make better decisions faster, spot opportunities for automation and improved control of systems - and deploy remote fixes. By making data analytics intuitive, it enables proactive action to better control energy which can be enhanced further by use of machine-learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

SMARTR – an Equans Digital offer

SMARTR provides simple scalable cloud, mobile and IoT tools to all sectors in an efficient SaaS business model. It is just one of the offers available from ’Equans Digital’, which was launched in 2022, to help customers develop their performance and accelerate their digital transition. Equans Digital brings together a global network of over 9,000 specialists to implement these innovative solutions, with combined revenues of over €1.5 billion.

James Graham, Divisional CEO for Equans UK & Ireland, said: “The challenges faced by large estates are growing - from the push of soaring energy costs to the pull of net zero targets, staff wellbeing and sustainability commitments. This requires a step change in how we manage our business and the built environment, enabled by the SMARTR platform.

“The UK must decarbonise buildings across every sector and the appetite for this technology is strong, so we have every confidence in the launch of Smartr. By using Smartr, customers can improve their environmental impact while maximising efficiency, helping them to meet their environmental, social and govenance (ESG) goals and obligations.”

About Equans

Equans is a market leader in the sector with 74,000 employees leveraging 200 years of expertise. With revenues of €12 billion, Equans is present in 17 countries - mostly across Europe, but also with significant interests in North America, Latin America and Australia. In the UK & Ireland, Equans is a provider of technical, FM, regeneration and energy services – with specialist capabilities in smart buildings, green mobility, district & embedded energy and decentralised renewables.