Birmingham partners urge the Prime Minister to work together on Levelling Up the city


In Summary

General | 1st February 2022
A coalition of leaders from across Birmingham have come together to urge the Prime Minister to work together and back investment in the city to deliver the levelling up agenda, helping to get an additional 75,000 people into work and boosting the city economy by up to £9bn a year.

In Detail

Prosperity and Opportunity for All: Birmingham’s Levelling Up Strategy is Birmingham City Council’s ambitious blueprint for inclusive and sustainable growth to improve the lives and life chances of people and communities across the city. Launched in Westminster, it sets out a vision for unleashing the potential of Birmingham, by addressing ill health, poor educational attainment, low skills and incomes, congestion and air pollution – while bringing forward new homes, employment sites and community assets.

In particular, it urges government to support five ‘Levelling Up Accelerators’:

  1. Support long-term, single pot funding and devolved powers for the city to deliver greater levelling up outcomes and enable invest-to-save investment.
  2. Back the integrated local place delivery model demonstrator, the East Birmingham Inclusive Growth Strategy, covering 250,000 people to tackle deep levels of deprivation.
  3. Harness our early intervention and prevention model to assist the most disadvantaged citizens and move from dealing with crises to co-designed support and services to stop these arising.
  4. Deliver green and digital infrastructure including a comprehensive green, reliable, frequent, and affordable transport network.
  5. Back an at scale housing retrofit across the cities of Birmingham, Coventry, and Wolverhampton to tackle carbon emissions and create jobs in areas that need it most.

The letter, published today and signed by a range of leaders from different sectors including health, business and economic development, and local and regional government, asks the Prime Minister to work together with Birmingham to deliver levelling up for the city. It sets out their shared commitment to the city as ‘the beating heart of the UK’ – and their ambition to make sure that every citizen in Birmingham has the same opportunities to succeed.

Cllr Brigid Jones, Acting Chair of City Board, and Deputy Leader of Birmingham City Council, said: “This joint letter is a clear statement of support from across the city for our levelling up strategy, and a strong signal to national government that Birmingham stands ready and eager to work together to deliver levelling up. As partners we share a collective ambition for our city to be the best that it can be, and unleash the amazing potential of ‘people powered change’. We believe that Birmingham is the perfect place to deliver the levelling up agenda, and we call on national government to support our strategy and our five levelling up accelerators. The Commonwealth Games will kick off a ‘golden decade of opportunity’ for our city – we urge the Prime Minister to get involved and work with us to level up not just Birmingham, but the whole of the United Kingdom.”