Supporting Suppliers to Reach Net Zero

29th February 2024 12:00 to 13:00 Free


Birmingham City and Solihull Councils have set ambitious net zero targets.

As major organisations with extensive supplier networks, the councils recognize their responsibility to guide and assist their suppliers in reducing their carbon footprint.

This webinar provides an overview of the concept of net zero for suppliers of Birmingham and Solihull councils, and businesses that are interested in becoming suppliers to the councils.

We will demystify the concept of greenhouse gas emissions, introduce scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, and outline how businesses can begin to calculate their carbon footprint.

We will also detail the support available for SMEs seeking to begin their journey to Net Zero.

While there is significant grant support available for sustainability and net zero projects, as well as tailored, one-to-one advice and guidance, tapping into these resources can appear complex and confusing.

We will discuss how you can seamlessly take advantage of all the support on offer, by introducing our business support service, the Birmingham & Solihull Growth Hub.

Who should attend Birmingham City Council and Solihull Council suppliers, and potential suppliers, based in Birmingham and Solihull

Things we’ll cover:

  • Understand Birmingham City Council and Solihull Council Net Zero targets: Understand the context behind the councils’ progress towards their net zero goals, and how SMEs and suppliers can contribute by understanding and tackling their own emissions.
  • Learn the basics of Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Get a grounding in the basics of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), and how business leaders can examine their operations to establish their carbon footprint.
  • Discover available grant funding: Take advantage of the financial support available for Birmingham City & Solihull Council suppliers & SMEs based within the region, what this grant funding can be used for, and how you can access it.
  • Access one-to-one sustainability support: Find out how businesses can take advantage of regional support programmes to help understand their energy usage and improve their net zero credentials.
  • Gain insights into how you can contribute to the councils' net zero goals while enhancing your business sustainability practices.

This event is FREE to attend.

It is funded by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and hosted by Business Growth West Midlands.

This event is free.

Location: Online


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