So what is FinditinBirmingham?

FinditinBirmingham is your online business community, which aims to boost the Midlands economy by offering local contracts to local businesses.

How do you register?

Registration is free, simple and easy - just fill in your email address and contact details. Register today in just five quick steps for access to business opportunities in Birmingham.

Once you've registered, complete your profile to ensure you see relevant opportunities and support. This is done via your 'dashboard' using the 'Edit individual details' and 'Edit company details' functions.

Then how do I market my business on the website?

Once you’ve registered with FinditinBirmingham, follow the instructions on how to build your free mini-site, giving your business or organisation a presence on the website.

When you fill in your supply list keywords (details of what your business offers), think carefully about the keywords that people might use when searching for your services.

Make the most of your free mini-site by linking to your website and uploading your logo, a photo and a PDF brochure.

How do I find business opportunities on FinditinBirmingham?

Just visit the 'Opportunities' section, where you'll find the latest postings and a search facility. If there’s nothing for you today, come back tomorrow because new opportunities are posted all the time.

What if my business feels 'too small' to go for tender bids? Can FinditinBirmingham help?

We want you to win more business. Working closely with our partners, we try to reduce the barriers faced by small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) competing for larger contracts within the public and private sectors.

Very few small businesses have the full set of resources or skills they need to meet medium or high-value contract requirements. But collectively they do. That’s why we’re keen to hear from and work with forward-thinking SMEs who want to:

a) win and deliver on forthcoming contracts
b) provide professional business services to others, supporting their contract bids.

How can I find new suppliers on FinditinBirmingham?

Birmingham is blessed with a thriving supply chain. The city is well-known for its events, retail and conferences, and its research and development sector supported by universities and colleges. This makes Birmingham an exciting place to be in business.

Every business needs to buy things - from landscaping to lightbulbs, water coolers to websites. To link up with a local supplier, visit our 'Find Suppliers' page and type in your requirements. Alternatively, you can post your requirements as an 'opportunity' and the best local quotations will come straight to you.

How can I increase my profits with FinditinBirmingham?

Business owners are coming under increasing pressure to improve their company’s profits by reducing operational costs.

With access to thousands of local suppliers, FinditinBirmingham gives you the chance to compare prices from local suppliers by posting an opportunity. You'll be able to benchmark your costs and consider more local sources for cost-effective products and services. It’ll help you reduce your carbon footprint, too.

Want to source something for your business? Visit our 'Post an opportunity' page and type in your requirements. Then sit back and wait for local suppliers to contact you with quotes.

How can I share my good news with the rest of Birmingham?

It’s always great to hear about the success of FinditinBirmingham-registered companies. The FinditinBirmingham news page is a free facility for local organisations to share their news and learn about the latest happenings in the city.

Have you and your business had some good news this month? Maybe you’re launching a new product, have won a lucrative contract, or you’d just like to share something great with the rest of Birmingham.

Have a look at our success stories round-up to see how other businesses have benefited from FinditinBirmingham, or email pm@finditinbirmingham.com with your ideas.

How can I advertise on FinditinBirmingham?

Would you like to advertise on a website that gets thousands of page views every month? By buying an online banner on FinditinBirmingham, you’ll be placing your organisation in the spotlight of Birmingham’s business community. What’s more, potential customers will be able to click straight through to your website.

As well as the banners and buttons on the main pages, you could place a more targeted campaign that appears when people search for particular keywords, or we can target particular users' dashboards by sector, level, postcode or many other criteria.

To talk about the best prices and positions for your FinditinBirmingham advertising, just call Claire Smith on 01384 563050 or email claire@finditinbirmingham.com

How can I help FinditinBirmingham support the local economy?

FinditinBirmingham aims to boost business activity across the local economy by highlighting contracts to local businesses. There are many opportunities on the doorstep for local organisations. Our aim is to give you first access to these.

Make sure you forward the details to colleagues and contacts who might be interested. They'll be sure to return the favour.

You can help us grow the FinditinBirmingham business network and make the local economy stronger by sourcing the products and services you buy from closer to home. Just post an opportunity to let local suppliers know what you need. It’s greener and often cheaper.

How can I contact the FinditinBirmingham team?

Just use the 'Contact Us' link in the bar at the top of the page to send us a message.


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