About us

About us

Birmingham is renowned for its businesses - from the smallest independent traders to our largest international players. We all contribute to the city’s economy.

To compete, you have to respond the latest opportunities.

What is FinditinBirmingham?

FinditinBirmingham boosts the local economy by helping businesses to develop skills, and supporting them in bidding for contracts.

How can it help my business?

Your free membership gives you instant access to local contacts, suppliers, businesses and their opportunities. This eliminates the stress of finding new contacts and helps you build relationships with industry players.

Listings of local networking events cut down on commuting hours.

Referral is the best form of introduction. Building brand awareness in Birmingham will generate recommendations and bring in new business.

Benefits in a nutshell…

How do you register?

Register today in just five steps for access to the opportunities in your community.

Once you have registered, complete your profile to ensure you get sent relevant opportunities and support. This is done via the dashboard.

Sign up today to find out what FinditinBirmingham could do for your business.


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